O4 wheelchairs can be equipped with the Flow Seat System. This advanced seat system enables the user to find an ideal balance between manoeuvrability and stability. This is achieved by infinitely setting the Flow Seat System relative to the frame. In addition, the sitting posture can be adapted by infinitely adapting the back angle. The elastic seat ensures good suspension and cushioning, resulting in excellent shock absorption. The Flow Seat System offers high sitting comfort and riding pleasure.

Advantages of the Flow Seat System

  • High sitting comfort
  • Perfect anatomical form
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Ergonomics in everyday life
  • Healthy and comfortable sitting
  • Great riding pleasure
  • Low seat pressure

Flexible seat widths
Thanks to a choice of 15 seat widths, 7 seat depths and 5 backrest heights, the Flow Seat System is extremely versatile. An anatomically formed contour seat is also an option. And to place a seat cushion, a flat seat unit is also available. The Flow Seat System fits every chassis on all our wheelchairs.

"Thanks to the flexible adjustable backrest of the Flow Seat System I can check my sitting posture in every situation. That gives me a safe feeling when riding in my wheelchair and offers me new possibilities to develop. I definitely call this good sitting and a pleasant ride!"

Martina Grönemeyer

O4 WheelChairs RCA Seat-System Rugverstelling