Say hello to Flow from O4: the adjustable wheelchair. The dynamics of Flow let energy flow and gives your body the movement that it needs for an active day.

There are a lot of wheelchairs available on the market. How do you choose the one that best suits you? Do you even have a choice or is it chosen for you? When you want to live an active life, you have to put yourself and your body first, where your wheelchair can play an active and supportive role: A static sitting position can give you side effects and injuries that you can simply prevent. O4 Flow is the only wheelchair that keeps you and your sitting position in motion. This way, you have more energy to endure the day better.

Don’t let your seat
be a disability

The best wheelchair,
perfectly fitted

O4 Wheelchairs offers sporty, contemporary wheelchairs with an extremely sturdy curved frame made from aluminum. For the independent user who has an active and intensive lifestyle, our organically shaped wheelchairs provide numerous adjustment options. The powerful combination ensures a high level of seating comfort and excellent riding characteristics.

The flow
seat system

Joints, nerves, organs; they are pushed into a position during sitting that can lead to various complications. We clearly do not do our body any favors by sitting in a static sitting position. Say hello to Flow from O4: the adjustable wheelchair. The dynamics of Flow allow energy to flow and give your body the movement it needs.

This is O4 Wheelchairs

O4 Wheelchairs. A top-notch Dutch designer and manufacturer of manual wheelchairs in Varsseveld, located in the Achterhoek region. With a dedicated, driven team of professionals and a wealth of knowledge, high-quality FLOW wheelchairs are produced on a daily basis in the O4 factory to the exact customer specifications.




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