Choose the seat that suits you

At O4 Wheelchairs, we understand that each person has unique seating needs. That’s why we offer three different seating systems for our custom-made wheelchairs. Each type of seat is designed to provide comfort, support, and flexibility, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. The different types of seats can be combined with three different frames.

Comfortable riding with Original

The Original seat is characterized by a one-time adjustable seating angle, allowing you to find your optimal sitting position. The seating comfort is achieved through the ergonomic Flow Seat System. This highly rated seating system is firmly attached to the box frame with a four-point attachment. This clamping system allows the position of the seat relative to the (rear) wheels to be smoothly adjusted. This allows you to change the wheelchair’s balance setting and determine how easy the wheelchair is to maneuver.

The backrest angle can be easily adjusted by the user via a rod under the seating area. You can choose between a flat or contoured seat according to your preference. Thanks to excellent shock absorption, you can ride calmly and comfortably with this type of seat.

Dynamic day-to-day activities with Active

For those seeking an active seating position, our Active seat is the ideal choice. The main feature of the Active is the unique seat angle adjustment. Both the backrest and the seat of the Active can be easily adjusted independently of each other with levers on the left and right while sitting in the wheelchair. This allows you to effortlessly change positions throughout the day, reach farther, and perform more active tasks. Whether you are working or engaging in recreational activities, the Active seat provides optimal comfort and support. You can choose between a flat or contoured seat.

Do you want to improve your performance in your daily life and have more energy left over? Then the ergo-dynamic Active seat is the solution.

Relaxed sitting and moving with Relax

At every moment and in every action, the Relax seat provides good and reliable postural support. With this type of seat, you can use up to 30% less energy. The seat and backrest of the Relax can be adjusted independently of each other while driving. With a wide range of seating angles and an additional leaf spring module, the Relax seat unit provides good support for a relaxed and comfortable experience. By using less force, you will feel less strain on your joints. From the first use, muscle weakness and joint pain are a thing of the past. You can choose between a flat or contoured seat for personalized support.

By using the Relax, you can expand your daily possibilities and engage in more activities. The versatile nature of this seat offers you freedom alongside mobility!