At O4 Wheelchairs, you have the option to customize a wheelchair by choosing from various seats and frames. There are three different seating systems available, each designed to provide comfort, support, and flexibility. You can choose from the Original seat with a once-adjustable seating angle, the Active seat with unique seating angle adjustment for an active sitting posture, and the Relax seat which offers good postural support for efficient energy use.

These seating systems can be combined with four different frame types, namely FLOW, FLOW Mono, FLOW Easy, and FLOW Custom. With all these options, you can create the perfect customized wheelchair that meets your unique needs and preferences. Below are some examples of possible combinations.

FLOW Active

Wider range of uses with FLOW Active
By choosing a combination of a FLOW frame with an Active seat, you can easily adapt to your work environment. Switching tasks or workstations becomes simpler, as you can assume various positions and change them at any time. Perhaps even more importantly, thanks to the FLOW Active, you’ll have plenty of energy for other enjoyable activities at the end of the day.

Benefits of the FLOW Active wheelchair:

  • Unique angle adjustment of the backrest and seat
  • Dynamic sitting posture
  • Comfortable and smooth driving thanks to excellent shock absorption
  • Integrated anti-tip safety feature in the frame
  • Possible add-ons for an electrically powered wheelchair
  • Fully custom-made
  • Plenty of energy at the end of the day!

Specifications FLOW Active wheelchair

Weight Weight Maximum load 120* kg
*160 kg with reinforced frame
Seat width Seat width 36.5 cm – 51.5 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)
Transport weight 7,8 kg
Seat depth Seat depth 35 cm – 50.0 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)
Seat height Front: 45.0 cm – 62.0 cm
Back: 44.0 cm – 59.0 cm
Backrest height 35.0 cm – 50.0 cm (in increments of 5 cm)

FLOW Mono Active

The power of simplicity: FLOW Mono Active
The FLOW Mono Active wheelchair has a stable frame-construction with optimized weight. This contemporary wheelchair is pleasantly easy to ride, providing lots of driving pleasure. In addition, the ergonomic Flow Seat System offers high seating comfort. The FLOW Mono Active is suitable for disabled people who want to lead an active life.

Benefits of the FLOW Mono Active wheelchair

  • Comfortable, sporty wheelchair
  • Fitted with the Flow Seat System
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Optionally integrated tilt protection
  • Modern and sleek design with many options
  • Dynamic weight distribution adjustment
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Easy to adjust in size

Specifications FLOW Mono Active wheelchair

Gewicht Maximale belasting 100 kg
Seat width 29.0 cm – 51.5 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)
Seat depth 35 cm – 50.0 cm
Seat height Front: 45.0 cm – 62.0 cm
Rear: 43.0 cm – 61.0 cm
Backrest height 35.0 cm, 37.5 cm, 40.0 cm, 45.0 cm, 50.0 cm

FLOW Easy Active

Relaxed sitting and moving with FLOW Easy Active
The FLOW Easy Active offers comfortable and pain-free mobility. The combination of the FLOW Easy Frame and the Active seat with adjustable seating angle provides good postural support for effortless and efficient movement. With the help of our FLOW Easy Active, you can expand your daily possibilities and engage in more activities. In other words, the FLOW Easy Active gives you more space and more opportunities to go out. The versatile nature of this wheelchair offers you more than just mobility – it offers you freedom!

Benefits of the FLOW Easy Active wheelchair

  • The Flow Easy Active provides good and reliable postural support at every moment and with every movement
  • With the Flow Easy Active, you can use your energy up to 30% more efficiently.
  • Continuously adjustable seat angle settings with Flow Seat System
  • By using less force, you will feel less pressure on your joints. From the first use, muscle weakness and joint pain are a thing of the past
  • Thanks to the support of the Flow Easy Relax, getting out of your wheelchair feels up to 40% lighter
  • The integrated tilt protection ensures your safety

Specifications FLOW Easy Active wheelchair

Weight Weight Maximum load 120kg
Seat width 36.5 cm – 51.5 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)
Seat depth 35 cm – 47.5 cm
Seat height Front: 47.0 cm – 58.0 cm
Rear variable due to adjustment
Seat angle adjustment range 30 degrees
Backrest height 35,0 cm, 37,5 cm, 40,0 cm, 45,0 cm, 50,0 cm