Win-win with electric propulsion

We manufacture manual wheelchairs. And while the trend of electric driving has also made its way into the wheelchair world, we remain fans of manual wheelchairs. And there is an important reason for that: we want our users to remain as physically active as they can. Additionally, the manual wheelchair remains the clear winner for indoor use due to its weight and maneuverability.

By combining a manual wheelchair with detachable electric propulsion, you truly get the best of both worlds. You go “manual” where you can and attach the electric propulsion to go further and faster.

Compatible with multiple brands

No matter which brand of electric propulsion you want to attach, we will make your O4 wheelchair ready for it. This way, you can rely on a powerful synergy between your wheelchair and the propulsion. The sturdy construction of the Flow frame, combined with the shock absorption of the seat, provides the perfect foundation for outdoor use, even at higher speeds.