The best customised wheelchairs

O4 wheelchairs are sporty, contemporary wheelchairs with a modern aluminium curved frame. For the independent user with an active and intensive lifestyle, our organically formed wheelchairs offer numerous setting options, ensuring high sitting comfort and excellent ride characteristics.

Wheelchairs for active disabled people

Our wheelchairs, the Flow Series, are intended for disabled people who want to lead an active life. The wheelchairs stimulate an optimal sitting posture for wheelchair users with a neurological disease, paralysis of any kind, age-related mobility restrictions, increased pain complaints, damage to  joints and limbs or amputations. 

Manoeuvrable and stable wheelchairs

The user can search for an ideal balance between manoeuvrability and stability thanks to the Flow Seat System. The seat is infinitely adjustable relative to the frame. The comfort of the ergonomic seat is additionally enhanced by the back angle adjustment; you can adjust this at any given moment to adapt the seat position.

Wheelchairs that meet European standards

All our wheelchairs meet the European standards DIN and ISO 12183:1999, DIN and ISO 12182:1999, NEN-1041 and ISO 7176-15. In addition, O4 wheelchairs meet the essential requirements for medical devices 93/42/CCE(or EWG/EEC). The wheelchair has been found to be crash test safe and meets ISO 7176-19 for transport in e.g. wheelchair taxis, sitting secured  in the wheelchair.

Our wheelchairs

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