Separate seating and driving unit

From research it is apparent that wheelchairs are not always accurately or optimally adjusted. The positioning of the user relative to the wheelchair is not always compatible. This can lead to deformation, restlessness and difficulty moving around. O4 wheelchairs have separate seating and driving units. An interface, or quick adjustment, connects these elements to each other, enabling adjustments and settings to be carried out quickly and reusability is easy to achieve.

Anthropometry of the wheelchair

What makes a wheelchair comfortable to sit in? The primary dimensions of a wheelchair must be carefully matched to the body measurements of a client. This is possible thanks to the customised measurement system for wheelchairs designed by O4 and based on the anthropometric data of 1200 measured test persons. The measurements are carried out in cooperation with TNO Human Factors.

Measuring performance

Your client must be able to sit healthily in a wheelchair that is light and energy-efficient to ride in. In an O4 wheelchair this is possible. We identify the performance of our wheelchairs with the O4-4Points weighing scales, the Energy Ergometer and the Wheelchair Obstacle Course.