What can O4 Wheelchairs do for you?

As experts in rehabilitation, you are active in a very competitive healthcare market. Our innovative products are economical and extremely versatile and have a high acceptance rate with the paying authorities. We now have extensive experience with our wheelchairs in sales in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Business models

We are building up an optimal, long-term collaboration with a small number of selected dealers. This collaboration will benefit both of us significantly. Together with you, we will set up a profitable business model. Not only will we provide the products, but also the technical knowledge and support where it concerns marketing and sales promotion. We share our knowledge about the O4-4Points weighing scales, for instance, and organise wheelchair obstacle courses, training courses and key sessions. We also organise Dealer Days and Workshops.

Easy adjustment of the wheelchair

Research shows that wheelchairs are not always correctly or optimally adjusted. The positioning of the user relative to the wheelchair is not always compatible. This can lead to deformation, restlessness and difficulty moving around. On O4 wheelchairs, the frame and seat are detached, which makes it easy to adjust O4 wheelchairs. An interface, or quick adjustment, connects these elements to each other. The height and seat angle are adjusted in stages via this interface and the wheel balance is quickly and infinitely adjusted. This is the distinctive character of O4 wheelchairs.

Customised on request

We offer customisation on request. In combination with the adjustment techniques and anthropometric data, we provide a perfectly customised product or we ensure customisation based on standard components.

Correct reference wheelchair

To determine whether our wheelchairs are suitable for a user, we use reference wheelchairs. The reference wheelchairs are based on close cooperation with our clients and on the anthropometric data provided by the users. This is how an incorrect wheelchair purchase is avoided. We pay a great deal of attention to this so that, during a fitting, it can be established whether our wheelchairs provide the desired outcome. This is extremely important because, during a fitting, a wheelchair user commits to approximately 20,000 hours of wheelchair use. A wheelchair must therefore be very comfortable to sit in and provide optimal performance.

Reliable delivery

We ensure fast customisation with high delivery reliability. This is how we try to keep additional costs low for you. We check the order details with the anthropometric data of your client so that we are certain that your client receives the right products and is satisfied.