Sitting and riding healthily

The main objective of O4 is to make 100% 'healthy wheelchairs' and to prevent injuries. Thanks to our RCA Seat System, your client’s back is constantly activated and dynamically supported. As a result, more strength can be developed effortlessly. In addition, thanks to Seat-E-Lastica, our shock-absorbing seat protects the entire body. Impacts and vibrations are absorbed through good pressure distribution. O4 wheelchairs are the first wheelchairs to meet the latest ISO standards for shock absorption.

The advantages of O4 wheelchairs:

  • Stable frame construction with optimised weight
  • High ergonomics thanks to dynamic adjustment options
  • Modern and sporty look
  • Easy to fold
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Low seating pressure
  • High shock absorption

For whom are O4 wheelchairs suitable?

O4 wheelchairs are highly versatile and have perfect ADL characteristics. It makes them ideal work wheelchairs. In addition, our wheelchairs can be perfectly adapted in the event of progressive illness and changing situations of your clients. Our wheelchairs are an alternative for clients with muscle spasms, polio, hemiplegia, chronic pain or paraplegia. O4 wheelchairs are also extremely suitable for long-term care, geriatrics and as therapy equipment during rehabilitation and/or home use.