Standing up and sitting down is extremely taxing for many wheelchair users. In fact, it can be so taxing that these actions are often avoided. The general daily activities are then put under pressure. As a consequence, this could lead to inactivity or a decline in general activity.

Postural changes in your wheelchair

The Active-Passive Module (AP Module) is an innovative aid that can be applied when standing up and sitting down are laborious, unsafe or impossible. The AP Module offers extra support during important postural changes.

Continuous active support

The O4 wheelchair with AP Module is perfect for every workplace. Continuous active support provides the wheelchair user with more support and a greater scope during work activities. The system partly compensates the user's body weight. When 40% of the body weight is compensated, wheelchair users feel as if they weigh 60% less. This means that wheelchair users with reduced leg muscle strength can stand up on their own. As a result, the frequency of standing up can also be increased. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on your body functions.

Improved physical condition

The AP Module of O4 Wheelchairs is partly based on the 'use-it-or-lose-it-principle'. You continue to use your own muscle strength and the system encourages you to remain active, so that you are less likely to suffer additional problems. By being able to do more yourself, you will experience a better quality of life. Your physical condition is also stimulated in this way.

The AP Module can be mounted on the OlympicHopper and on the SwayHopper

"I now stand up more often. It's as though I were floating. This wheelchair gives me the feeling that I weigh 40% less. As a result, I can more easily transfer to a chair or a car. I now also have less health problems. I have less trouble with swelling in my legs and fingers, my blood is flowing faster. Because I am getting out of the wheelchair more often I have less problems with pressure marks."

O4-Wheelchair user

O4 Wheelchairs - Actief Passief Module - van zitten tot staan