The wheelchair that eliminates borders

The MultiHopper is a comfortable, contemporary wheelchair with a modern curved aluminium frame. This organically shaped wheelchair offers the independent user who lives intensively many adjustment options, resulting in high sitting comfort and excellent ride characteristics. This wheelchair offers a surprisingly light ride.

Advantages of the MultiHopper wheelchair:

  • Improves mobility and increases freedom of movement
  • Frame suspension adjustable based on user weight
  • Modern and sleek design with many options
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • High sitting comfort and dynamic riding pleasure
  • Very light ride
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Mobility with high sitting comfort

The sitting comfort of the MultiHopper is increased by the ergonomic RCA-Seat-System. The MultiHopper is suitable for people with high levels of pain who still wish to lead as active a life as possible. 

For whom?
The MultiHopper wheelchair is intended for all disabled people who want to lead as active a life as possible. The MultiHopper stimulates an optimal sitting posture for wheelchair users with a neurological illness, any type of paralysis, age-related mobility restrictions, increased pain level, damage to joints and limbs or amputations.

View the specifications of the wheelchair here.

MultiHopper, for a smooth ride


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