Innovative quality wheelchairs

O4 Wheelchairs develops and manufactures innovative wheelchairs. The Hopper is what we call them. The Hoppers are characterised by high quality workmanship and new ergonomic and dynamic techniques. The wheelchairs have low rolling resistance, optimal shock absorption and a perfect fit. Wheelchair users experience great riding pleasure and high sitting comfort and have the option to adjust their Hopper according to their requirements.

Advantages of an O4 wheelchair:

  • All-round wheelchair: rapidly adaptable and extremely versatile
  • Smart combination of sit and ride unit for fast, optimum adjustment
  • Business model in close cooperation with O4 dealers
  • Professional assistance from request for help to delivery of the wheelchair
  • Continuous support to further develop knowledge and skill

All-round customised wheelchairs

An O4 wheelchair is a product with all-round ADL characteristics. Our wheelchairs can be adjusted as desired - quickly, easily and at any time. There is a Hopper to suit everyone.

Approved and tested

O4 products have undergone the required inspections. Our wheelchairs are crash-test safe. Moreover, they are the first to be awarded with an energy label A. This means that our wheelchairs officially offer a light ride. In addition, our wheelchairs meet the European standards NEN-EN 12182, NEN-EN 12183, NEN-EN 1041 and ISO 7176-15, essential requirements for medical devices 93/42/EEC, and ISO 7176-19 for transport in wheelchair-accessible taxis, sitting secured in the wheelchair. Separate to these official tests, we also test our wheelchairs regularly with our own testing methods. If you would like to know more about the safety of our wheelchairs, please read the blog on safety.