Lightweight customised wheelchairs

The O4 wheelchair is an innovative wheelchair that was developed based on our experience with wheelchair users and wheelchair specialists. By listening to them carefully, we were able to develop lightweight wheelchairs together. These wheelchairs are custom-made. O4 wheelchairs are unique thanks to the:

  • Low seating pressure
  • Low rolling resistance
  • High adjustability
  • High shock absorption

Read on to find out what makes O4 wheelchairs unique. 

Why purchase an O4 wheelchair?

You are particular when it comes to your wheelchair, and rightly so; after all, you spend many hours in it each day. Luckily, you have come to the right place to find the ideal wheelchair for you. O4 wheelchairs are affordable, comfortable and energy efficient. In addition, the design of our wheelchairs is very modern.

Injury-free use of your wheelchair

Our primary objective is to produce wheelchairs that are 100% safe. You need to be able to sit and ride without risk of injury. In collaboration with your wheelchair dealer, we ensure that the primary dimensions of your wheelchair are correct. That is a basic prerequisite. In addition, your wheelchair can be equipped with our ergo-dynamic seating solution. Our special Flow Seat System keeps your back constantly activated and dynamically supported. This enables you to develop more strength effortlessly. On top of that, our shock-absorbing seat made of Seat-E-Lastica protects your whole body. The pressure is evenly distributed. In addition, any knocks and jolts are absorbed by the wheelchair.

4-step size reduction

Going anywhere, for example by car, requires a great deal of planning. After all, you need to be able to take your wheelchair along. Folding or dismantling it, as well as putting it in the car, can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, O4 WheelChairs has found the solution! All O4 Flow Series are easy to reduce in size thanks to their optional 4-step size reduction system. The fact the seating system can be disconnected from the frame is unique. This means your Flow Serie can be transported easily, divided up into manageable sections. Assembling your wheelchair is effortless thanks to these functionalities. Manuals or outside assistance are a thing of the past! Safety as also been taken into account. Our smart snap-fit clips were developed to make the process of wheelchair size reduction and assembly much smoother.

Benefits of O4 wheelchairs

An O4 wheelchair offers many benefits. We have compiled a list for you below. These benefits apply to all of our wheelchair models. We ensure that you get the best possible wheelchair!

Ergonomic benefits:

  • Combined rolling and sitting (seat)
  • A healthy (sitting) posture and injury-free use of your wheelchair
  • Support in all sitting positions
  • The ability to vary your sitting position continually
  • Anatomically pre-shaped seat and backrest
  • Our wheelchairs are shock-absorbent
  • Settings are easy to adjust in accordance with personal preference, even after purchase
  • The seat can be easily adjusted in relation to your Flow Series frame, changing the riding behaviour of your wheelchair to suit you perfectly
  • Your Flow Serie allows you to vary your sitting position at any time

Mobility benefits:

  • A wheelchair that offers a smooth ride thanks to low rolling resistance
  • The fact that the backrests of our Flow Series can be adjusted at any time means that you can change the setting while riding. This enables you to develop greater strength while riding longer distances and to influence your Flow Series balance setting temporarily
  • Selecting appropriately sized rear wheels allows you to develop maximum strength while riding the wheelchair and enjoy good mobility
  • The wheelchair is easy to reduce in size

Design benefits:

  • An extension of the body; sporty and modern
  • An elegant design thanks to circular shapes
  • The backrest covers are interchangeable and available in various colours
  • The frame can be supplied in various colours

Purchasing a wheelchair from O4:

  • An affordable, handmade, custom wheelchair to suit your lifestyle and situation
  • A basic wheelchair that is comfortable to sit in right away and offers good distribution of pressure
  • The option to try out your future wheelchair using a reference model

Certified product pursuant to European health and safety legislation

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