Read the reviews of O4 wheelchair users below.

“It is fantastic how little strength I need to manoeuvre my O4 wheelchair over difficult surfaces.”

Martina Grönemeyer

"I not only have a better sitting posture in my O4 wheelchair, but I now also have better support for my entire body. I have meanwhile experienced how important a well-supported and flexible sitting posture is. I could only sit in my other wheelchair for two hours at a time. I can sit in the O4 the entire day with no problem."

Esther Niewenhuis

"In spite of the fact that the demo model was a bit too small for me, I immediately sat as I wanted to sit and I could ride over various surfaces more easily."

Erik Wallenburg

"The chair is wonderful - everyone that uses it has loved it so far. Its much lighter than his old one and the wheel mechanism is great for ease of cleaning. We've had lots of compliments about it - Personally, I love the chair and Jake is really enjoying it too - he sits beautifully; I think the seat has much improved his posture."

Phillipa Newton