Getting a cup of coffee for your colleagues is easier said than done for wheelchair users. Carrying a cup of coffee for yourself is already difficult, let alone when you want to provide an entire team with hot fuel. But now there is a solution: O4 Wheelchairs  teamed up with Quokka, an inventor of wheelchair accessories, to develope the Coffee2Roll, a special adapter that allows mounting two Quokka coffee cup holders to your wheelchair.

It is no big deal but according to a study that O4 Wheelchairs made together with Support Magazine, the fact that they cannot participate in the ritual of getting coffee for colleagues, is often felt as lack among working wheelchair users. That is why O4 Wheelchairs has developed a multifunctional adapter that allows two coffee cup holders to be clicked easily onto your wheelchair.

With two holders, left and right of your wheelchair, you can get coffee for three colleagues and yourself. Various Quokka frame and wheelchair bags can also be clicked onto the adapter. Put your bag on it when you go to work and just take it off when you are at work so you can clip the Quokka coffee cup holder on!

Making ritual accessible
“Our mission is to develop custom wheelchairs that allow everyone to drive, sit, work and move optimally,” says Edith Baltussen of O4 Wheelchairs. “We want wheelchair users to shape their lives as actively as possible and to participate in society easily. If we can make such a daily ritual as getting coffee accessible, that is a challenge that we are happy to take on.”

To buy a Coffee2Roll including Quokka coffee cup holder, you can send an email to, or go to the Quokka webshop. Nice as a gift during the holidays!