We regularly share experiences of satisfied customers here on our blog. Because if our customers are happy, we are happy too! This time wheelchair user Judith Bos from Blokker shares her story with us.

“After more than ten years of living with unexplained complaints and countless hospital visits, I was diagnosed with POTS, OI and ME/CFS in 2018. POTS stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), OI for Orthostatic Intolerance (OI). Both are a central nervous system disorders, which means that my body does not always work optimally. I can't stand or walk for long distances, because the blood accumulates in my legs instead of going to my brain. In addition, I suffer from a disturbance in my digestive system, muscles, concentration problems and also my temperature sensation is affected. ME/CFS is a fatigue/exhaustion disease with chronic pain. So I live with limited energy all day long.

Funding request

Right after my diagnosis, I was practically bedridden. I could hardly sit at the table to eat, let alone do something fun. Meetings outside were almost impossible for me. As a result, my social contacts were very limited. I was completely dependent on other people. This was also because I did not have a proper wheelchair. In 2018 I submitted a funding request for a wheelchair to the municipality. In anticipation of this I bought a transfer wheelchair. However, I could not sit in it for more than fifteen minutes, then I screamed in pain. This also costed me so much energy that I had nothing left for other things. I did stay in bed and even ate there, because that's where I felt most comfortable.

How do you get a funding for your desired wheelchair? We can help you with your application!

Green light

What I needed was a wheelchair that offers support to raise my legs and tilt. So I can get some rest. During the application process - and the battle with the municipality - I knocked on the door of O4 Wheelchairs. They have helped me very well. Even before I had green light from the municipality, they came to my home for fitting an ActivRelaxHopper. The employee wrote down all kinds of measurements and features, so my perfect wheelchair was already completed in the papers. All that was needed was a “Go!” from the municipality and it would be set into production.

Almost perfect

I got lend an O4 wheelchair for a week. It was almost perfect and met all my wishes and needs. That week I had the time of my life. I was able to eat at the table and go out normally again. I even went to a restaurant for the first time since my diagnosis. The tiltable seat and backrest allowed me to sit in the right position. My legs could be lifted so I had less trouble with the POTS. And when I got tired, I could lie back for a while by tilting the backrest. What a luck! My future really looked a bit brighter.

Enough energy

Eighteen months after my application, I finally got approval from the municipality. Now, three years later, I am still happy with my ActivRelaxHopper with eMove support. I do a lot of outdoor activities and I can sit in my wheelchair all day long without pain. I do not need to spend my days in bed anymore and I have enough energy to do something that gives me satisfaction every day, such as being creative and maintaining social contacts.

Independent holidays

Due to my perfect fitted wheelchair, I got much more independent. I can now ride around myself. Thanks to my hand bike, I can also go to my medical appointments on my own, such as exercise therapy. And when I must go to the dentist, I can comfortably stay in my wheelchair. It is so handy that it can be tilted backwards for the dentist to look into my mouth. I have even been on holiday independently with an organization a few times. This year I am going to take my first long trip to France with the wheelchair. I also will go to London by train. All this is now possible, because sitting or driving in my wheelchair takes almost no energy. In addition, I participated in a “Wheelchair skills training”, which means that I can now face all the daily obstacles with more confidence. And O4 Wheelchairs has also customized my seat set back slightly, which makes it easier for me to do wheelies!'

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Judith Bos und ihre ActivRelaxHopper