Come visit the REHACARE to find out more about O4's WorkHopper

Come visit the REHACARE to find out more about O4's WorkHopper


How often do we change our sitting position throughout the workday? People who don’t use wheelchairs can 'stretch their legs' during a long day at the office. Unfortunately, that’s not a real option for wheelchair users. That's why it is important for them to find relief and comfort in other ways.


Laura de Vaan – Off to a good start with a time trial win in Italy


As the proud sponsor of Paralympic handbiker Laura de Vaan, we always follow her races closely! This past weekend (12 & 13 May 2017), Laura performed amazingly in a number of races. On her website, Laura provides the following summary, which we are very proud to be able to share here:

O4 Wheelchairs_Tevreden met de juiste rolstoel_MwvanBraak

A happy customer!


For a few months now, Angelique has been using her new SwayHopper to her full satisfaction. She wrote us and wanted to share a memory from 2013 with us:

"Back in 2013, I was rather awkward on the dance floor. Nearly 4 years have passed since then and now I am very satisfied with my Angelhopper (my new nickname for my #O4wheelchair), super happy! #swayhopper”

Werken in jouw rolstoel

WorkHopper - Video


Working in a wheelchair is now possible! Check out our WorkHopper, a wheelchair which is offering you all kinds of seating positions in an active wheelchair!

This wheelchair alows you to alter your seating position everytime you want to, suitable to your work environment.

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O4 SwayHopper wheelchair on Life4You on RTL 4


On Sunday, 25 January 2015 the SwayHopper was on TV on RTL4 in the Life4You programme presented by Carlo and Irene. The wheelchair was presented during the Gadgets part of the programme, in which Carlo and Irene talked about the latest gadgets that are handy or ingenious, but mostly fun. At the invitation of Van Raam modified bicycles, the Veloplus was equipped with one of the nicest SwayHoppers from our O4 Experience Center!