Power mobility with any wheelchair

A wheelchair provides freedom of movement and stimulates activity. But even with a good technical adjustment it is not always possible for wheelchair users to be mobile with their own arm strength. Distances, inclines, kerbs or thresholds often form unsurmountable obstacles. An electrical support system offers active assistance when using the wheelchair. Barriers are no longer a problem for wheelchair users. These drive systems open up new living spaces and strengthen social inclusion.

Active drive systems for wheelchairs

The drive system is suitable for most O4 wheelchairs. The manually driven rear wheels are replaced by electric drive wheels. For mounting the rear wheels small holders attached to the wheelchair frame are sufficient. Usually you can continue to use the original rear wheels as an alternative. This means there is always a preferred method of propulsion available - either manually or with the electric assist motor.

Our wheelchairs are suitable for the assembly of various drive systems. The E-Motion and E-Move offer electric support. The E-Fix and E-Drive ensure that you can drive entirely by electric power.

Are you currently using a manual wheelchair but would you like to change to an electrically powered drive system? No problem! There are a number of systems on the market that can be mounted on our wheelchairs.