O4 en… - Handbikes

In this ‘O4 and…’ instalment, we tell you more about how our Hoppers can be combined with third-party accessories. This recurring item aims to provide you with a good idea of the many options there are for your O4 wheelchair to provide you with even more wide-ranging support.
This first blog post of the series is all about O4 Wheelchairs and handbikes, a frequently requested modification that increases your wheelchair’s action radius and thus your living environment and your independence!


How do you determine the wheel size of your wheelchair?

As with many useful implements, the required size of the product is dependent on the size of the person. Take, for example, a bicycle, tennis racket or a golf stick. There has to be optimum compatibility between the size of the product and the size of the person to ensure the best use. This is also true of wheelchairs and therefore the size of their wheels.

A closer look: the RCA-Seat-System (1/4)

A properly balanced wheelchair setting is essential. Every wheelchair user wants a wheelchair with light manoeuvrability, but they also want to feel safe. This setting differs from person to person. Our wheelchairs can be set to the millimetre. How? Thanks to our interface system, which is part of the RCA-Seat-System.

This system connects the seat to the frame of the wheelchair. This enables the seat to slide back and forth over the frame, whereby the position of the seat relative to the wheels and thus the weight can be set very precisely. You can therefore choose the ride characteristics of your wheelchair yourself. It’s just a matter of the correct setting. And did you know that this setting can be adjusted at all times, even after years of use!