How do you make a wheelchair hip?

In general, wheelchairs are not a product that you wish to be seen in. This is mainly because of the standard appearance of a wheelchair. Most wheelchairs are colourless, boring and old-fashioned.

Inspiration from nature
That has to change. We are of the opinion that a wheelchair can definitely be made to look hip. It is possible to make a good-looking wheelchair, one that you want to be seen in. Our designer always says: a wheelchair should be an adornment for the body. That’s why the wheelchairs of O4 have a modern and unique design. For a trendy wheelchair we look for natural forms. Nature inspires us to build wheelchairs in round, organic and flowing forms, enabling the wheelchair to shed its old-fashioned character. The colour of the wheelchair is determined by the user.

How do you ensure continuous innovation in wheelchairs?

Innovation is paramount at O4 Wheelchairs. Our aim is to make sitting and riding in a wheelchair a more pleasant experience and to increase the quality of life and vitality of the user. Daily contact with customers, suppliers and care professionals provides input that enables us to continue improving and innovating our wheelchairs. To find out what we can improve and which requirements wheelchair users have, we ask various questions such as:
- What is the best place to sit for you?
- How long can you sit up straight?
- How do you maintain your balance?
- When do you experience pain in the wheelchair?
- How much energy does it cost you riding in the wheelchair?

We use the input that we receive from these questions for further development of our wheelchairs.

Tip for a day out in 2015

Once again, we have entered a new year. Time goes by so quickly. This may seem like a cliché but, to me, it is oh so true. A new year also means making plans, organising day trips, etc. If you are looking for new developments in the field of adjustments, wheelchairs, sport aids, special needs holidays, etc., I recommend that you visit the exhibition.

You perhaps think that I am now going to write about the Supportbeurs. The Supportbeurs is an exhibition for people who, for whatever reason, are interested in all kinds of aids. It is an exhibition where you can find many things. An exhibition where there are even more things to find is the Rehacare in Dusseldorf.

What can a health wheelchair do for you?

Do contemporary wheelchairs restrict your life? Do wheelchairs cramp your posture, make you fatter and give you 'wheelchair shoulders'? Have 10 years of wheelchair use done you more harm than the actual cause of your handicap itself? Riding in a wheelchair can become less demanding, less painful and more enjoyable. It will become possible to ride in a wheelchair pain-free, injury-free, without deformation and comfortably.

Slouching posture
Wheelchair users often sit bent forward and slumped in their seats. This compressed posture places great pressure on the lungs and intestines. It restricts proper breathing. You are fighting against yourself.