Why is a customised wheelchair important?

A wheelchair that has been adapted to your body can provide many benefits. The right wheelchair can provide quality of life, more autonomy and more self-direction. You can live more independently. A good wheelchair can also ensure faster recovery and better preservation of your bodily functions.

In addition, with a correctly fitted wheelchair you can take better care of yourself. The right wheelchair reduces your need of help because you are more mobile. It even makes it easier to work and, because you can remain seated in your wheelchair for longer periods, it increases your performance at work.

The wheelchair that continues to provide support

The evolving needs of individuals have clearly been considered in our product range. Every individual has different wants and needs, no two people are the same.

The combination of a fixed frame and the high degree of adaptability makes the O4 wheelchair unique. The fixed frame ensures stable and low-energy mobility. But our wheelchairs can easily be adapted to your changing needs. The balance setting can be quickly adapted to give you the mobility that you are looking for. Millimetre precision!

In addition, users of our wheelchairs can independently adapt the seat position of their wheelchairs at any given moment. If you have opted for the RCA-Seat-System you can adjust the backrest yourself to change your sitting posture. This system also offers the possibility to be adjusted in the event of progressive illness.