As a wheelchair user you know on thing: pushing a wheelchair needs a lot of energy. It demands a lot from your shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers. The rims of your wheelchair are of crucial role. They can make the difference between being exhausted at the end of the (work) day or having energy left for doing fun things. At O4 Wheelchairs you can choose between push rims in various shapes and materials. This way you can satisfy your needs and wishes, to keep your energy level up. You can read more about this topic in our new blog.

The energy you put into the rims of your wheelchair should maximize the movement in  the direction in which you want to move. The shape of the rim is very important here. An ergonomically shaped rim relieves the force needed to move forward. In addition, the material from which the hoops are made determines which hoops are right for you. At O4 you can choose from various shapes and materials.

Stainless Steel Rims
The most common push rims are made of stainless steel. The rims are round in shape with small diameters and intended for demanding use. If they are damaged, they can be made smooth again. A disadvantage of steel hoops is that they become slippery when wet and feel cold in the winter. However, they are a good alternative for wheelchair users who are allergic to chromium, especially because they can be cleaned hygienically with ease and can also withstand high temperatures.

Aluminum Anodized Rims
These rims are cheap and are therefore widely used. The surface of the hoops is smooth, so you have to squeeze your fingers relatively hard for sufficient grip. Because they are anodized, there is less chance of corrosion. On the downside, like those made of stainless steel, the hoops become slippery when it rains and feel cold when the temperature drops.

Ergo grip narrow and wide
Rims with a narrow ergonomic grip allow you to ride with the palm of your hand, with sufficient grip. Steering is done by your fingers on the (smooth) side. The wide ergonomically shaped hoops have a rubber layer on the top for a better grip. The energy you need to push these rims is very low because the wheel is already driven by the weight of your forearm and hand. This allows you, with sufficient grip, to drive with the palm of your hand. As with the narrow ergo grip, you steer with your fingers on the (smooth) side.

Tetra Rims
These are small round push rims with an additional rubber layer for more grip. The rubber is secure and does not slip even when wet. Tetra hoops are intended for people with limited hand function.

Para Rims
Para rims are like the tetra hoops, with the difference that the rim has a plastic cover. This cover is less stiff than the rubber of the Tetra rim. Like tetra rims, para rims are intended for people with limited hand function.

Chromed Push Rims
Chrome plated rims are similar in shape and size to stainless steel rims. Because the push rims are chrome-plated, they offer a glossy and very smooth surface that also is anti-bacterial and easy to clean. The hoops are not suitable for people with a chrome allergy.

The CURVE push rims made by Carbolife can be supplied in both a standard version and a tetra version. This shape fits comfortably in the hand and provides a natural grip. This reduces the chance of cramps in your hands. Due to the ergonomic profile you don't have to put in as much effort to push your wheelchair. As a result, your hands get tired less quickly.

Geckos, also made by Carbolife, are available in a small and large version. Due to their ergonomic shape, these hoops offer a good grip and the operating force is low. The special feature of these rims is an integrated strip of silicone material that offers better grip in difficult situations and the smoothness of regular push rims for best control. This makes it easier to handle the wheelchair.

Other push rim shapes
We also have different rim shapes for wheelchair users with quadriplegia and tetraplegia for best support and power transmission.

Do you want to pimp or personalize your wheelchair? Then you can choose oval-shaped rims with extra grip and soft touch or wooden oval hoops. Anti-slip push rims reduce the impact on your fingers and thus on the joints in your fingers. Anti-slip also prevents damage caused by carpal tunnel syndrome to the wrists and tendons and offer best grip under wet conditions.

Want to learn more about our different push rim ? Check out our poster. Do you want advice about the right rims for you? Just get in contact!