Once again, we have entered a new year. Time goes by so quickly. This may seem like a cliché but, to me, it is oh so true. A new year also means making plans, organising day trips, etc. If you are looking for new developments in the field of adjustments, wheelchairs, sport aids, special needs holidays, etc., I recommend that you visit the exhibition.

You perhaps think that I am now going to write about the Supportbeurs. The Supportbeurs is an exhibition for people who, for whatever reason, are interested in all kinds of aids. It is an exhibition where you can find many things. An exhibition where there are even more things to find is the Rehacare in Dusseldorf.

I have been visiting the Rehacare for a number of years and each time I am impressed by the size of this exhibition. Should you decide to visit this exhibition this year (or on another occasion), I recommend that you consider in advance which stands you wish to visit. Or in any case which products you would like to have a look at. If you don’t, there is every chance at the end of the day that you will have seen quite a lot, but not what you actually came to the exhibition to see.

As I mentioned, I have been visiting the Rehacare for a couple of years. I can be found at the stand of O4 Wheelchairs and I see visitors come and go. Sometimes the day simply flies past, another time, if it is quieter, the day can seem long. It is seldom boring. Until now, I managed to take a (small) walk around the exhibition each time I went. The entire exhibition includes many halls and it is not possible to see everything. So even I think in advance about what I want to see.

This year was no different. In search of a foldable shower stool, I began my foray. And lo and behold, there it was. Small, compact but utterly suitable for taking it everywhere with me. Unfortunately, it was not for sale at the exhibition. Once home I contacted the company concerned. They were sorry to disappoint me. It was not yet available in the Netherlands. I know what I will be doing at the next exhibition, searching once more for a foldable shower stool!

If you would like to visit the Rehacare this year, reserve 14 to 17 October in your diary. Who knows, we might see each other there. And if that doesn’t happen in 2015, there is always an opportunity in 2016. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, 2015 has only just begun after all!

Do you fancy going anywhere in the spring? Visit the REVA in Gent (Belgium) from 23 to 25 April.





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