In general, wheelchairs are not a product that you wish to be seen in. This is mainly because of the standard appearance of a wheelchair. Most wheelchairs are colourless, boring and old-fashioned.

Inspiration from nature
That has to change. We are of the opinion that a wheelchair can definitely be made to look hip. It is possible to make a good-looking wheelchair, one that you want to be seen in. Our designer always says: a wheelchair should be an adornment for the body. That’s why the wheelchairs of O4 have a modern and unique design. For a trendy wheelchair we look for natural forms. Nature inspires us to build wheelchairs in round, organic and flowing forms, enabling the wheelchair to shed its old-fashioned character. The colour of the wheelchair is determined by the user.

We have also found a solution for the colourless and boring aspects of a wheelchair. The wheelchairs of O4 come in different colours, enabling you to choose a colour that you really like and feel good with. You have a selection of different frame colours, and also a number of colours for the backrest cover. It is even possible to apply a dash of colour to the tyres. You can thus create a very personal and unique wheelchair. 

Would you like to see our wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories? You can view them here.

"I always dress very colourfully and strikingly to push the wheelchair to the background. But that is no longer necessary with the O4. That is a wheelchair that deserves to be in the foreground .''





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