Being able to move properly is an important necessity for social participation, especially for wheelchair users. Mobility is the connection between everything that makes life pleasant and worth living: Family, working, sport, relaxation and social contacts. It is our mission to develop solutions grants you getting around safely and comfortably. Solutions that increase your mobility freedom. One of these solutions is our single-arm drive system for active wheelchairs.

Advantages of our single side drive
Are you a hemiplegic or do you have restricted hand function on one side, but still want to use a manual wheelchair? Our singe side drive system is the ideal solution for mobility with ease.

With our single side drive system, both push rims are located on one side of the wheelchair. Both can be operated with one hand only. The larger, outer push rim drives the wheel on the side where the push rims are mounted. The inner, smaller push rim is connected to the wheel on the other side of the wheelchair and drives it.

Double control wheel
What distinguishes the single-arm drive system by O4 Wheelchairs is that the double control wheel can be mounted either side of your wheelchair. This means it can be used for users with left or right side paralysis. The position can also be changed at any time after delivery. That way a wheelchair can easily be adapted for a new user. But it can also be beneficial if conditions change over time.

Less “restricted
Our dual controls allow you to drive a manual wheelchair even if you can only push one wheel. This makes it a good alternative to a power wheelchair, which is much heavier and less maneuverable. In addition, a manual wheelchair looks less “restricted”. You will feel more free and mobile. In addition, a manual wheelchair is much easier to transport than the electric alternatives. So much for the general benefits of a single arm drive system. But what makes ours so special?

RCA seat system for additional support
Because driving a manual wheelchair requires some strength, our dynamic activity setting with the RCA seat system offers additional support. Our seat units are clamp connected to the frame of the wheelchair at four points. The position of the seat in relation to the rear axle can be adjusted stepplessly. You change the balance setting of your wheelchair and determine it’s maneuverability. The more weight is distributed on the rear axle, the better the maneuverability of the wheelchair gets.

Active vs. passive
If there is too much weight on the rear axle, the wheelchair has a tendency to tip over. The wheelchair then becomes very agile, but also less safe. Conversely, it is also possible to adjust the wheelchair too passively. If there is a lot of weight on the front wheels, the wheelchair will be very difficult to drive. It is important to find a good and balanced individual setting where there is as little pressure as possible on the front wheels, but you still feel safe on thresholds or on slopes. Fortunately, with our wheelchairs you will get this setting literally adjusted to the millimeter by your supplier.

Practical handbrake and armrest
Another unique feature is our one hand brake. Just like the one hand drive, this is operated with just one hand for both sides. This ensures even more safety. In addition, we have developed a special hemiplegia armrest. The design of these armrests is a little more shaped than with standard models and offers your forearm more support at the side.

Visually attractive wheelchair
Our single arm drive system can be used with the OlympicHopper, the SwayHopper and the TripHopper. These models can be equipped with an adapted rear axle in which the drive can be installed. This is not only a safe, but also a visually attractive solution. Because if we're honest: the eye also wants to be able to enjoy something!

Are you curious and want to learn more about our single arm drive system? Feel free to contact us!





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