• How important is the weight of a wheelchair?

    To be able to take your wheelchair in the car with you easily while you yourself sit somewhere else, the weight of the wheelchair is important. The less weight, the less strenuous it will be for your body to lift the wheelchair in and out of the car. This also means that your wheelchair must be very minimalist. The less material used, the less heavy the wheelchair. However, it is important to ask yourself: Am I losing comfort and stability? Is it not just about the total weight but also about how this weight is distributed?

  • Can I receive compensation for my wheelchair?

    Yes, you can receive compensation for your wheelchair. How much and the conditions for compensation are determined in the Netherlands by the Social Support Act (WMO) or the Personal Care Budget (PGB) that you receive from your health insurer.

    If you need advice on requesting compensation and PGB´s, you can ask your occupational therapist and dealer to help you. It is important however that you submit the correct medical arguments. You can request examples of such arguments from our company. It would be advisable to request compensation for your wheelchair together with your dealer.

    More information
    Germany maintains other rules and regulations for wheelchair compensation. For further information, you can contact the Krankenkasse.